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Éder Nogueira dos Santos
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Official Facebook page:…

Hi everyone!

Things about me:

1) My real name is Éder N. Santos and I'm from Porto Alegre, Brazil.

2) You're very welcome to contact me. You may use English, Portuguese or Spanish. I know some Italian too but I suck trying to use it.

3) I'm a self-taught draughtsman and painter. I make traditional art mostly, but rarely I make something digital. I also make some small sculptures for fun from time to time.

4) I like to try many different media in my drawings and paintings. Like oil, acrylics, conté crayons, pastels, charcoal, graffite, sanguine chalks and watercolors.

5) I mostly make fantasy art (sometimes horror and macabre), and even my portraits of normal humans or scenery are imaginary. I like to create things, forms and landscapes from my mind and I no longer use visual models except for some studies.

6) Currently, I only make fanart from characters or creatures from books, not from films or TV series. I do that because in this case you have more freedom to give them your own style from vague descriptions. I'm a big fan of H.P. Lovecraft and you may find some of their creatures in my gallery.

7) I don't make art for money, but I may accept a comission IF the proposed work is compatible with my style.

8) I have a wide range of influences, from H. R. Giger through Odilon Redon and all the way back to Renaissance. My favorite painters include Redon, Jacek Malczewski, Goya, van Gogh and Dali.

9) I do not put my political views in my art. Not explicitly, at least. But if you're a fascist scum, get out.

10) Finally, I'm really thankful when someone enjoys my artworks. I'm also looking for good art and artists to watch and talk. There are many wonderful people in this site who I really admire.


Belial by Qodaet
Dry Pastel.

PS: I'm NOT a devil worshipper nor anything like that :D. I just like mythology and demonology though I DO NOT  literally believe in those things.
Creature from a Rogue Planet (Concept) by Qodaet
Creature from a Rogue Planet (Concept)
Criatura de um Planeta Nômade.
Charcoal drawing.

A conceptual creation, a predatory species from a rogue planet (a free-floating planet not bound to any star). It is of course a very dark world, so the creature has no eyes and lots of other appendages to feel the environment. 

The planet's heat comes from geothermal sources alone and kept by a thick atmosphere.

KingOvRats and I were discussing about these hypothetical creatures for a possible sci-fi short story, and this is the way I imagine them.

Éder N. Santos, 2016.
Small Sculpture of a Blemmyah by Qodaet
Small Sculpture of a Blemmyah
"Pequena Escultura de um Blemmyah".
Paper mache sculpture, painted with acrylics.
Size: 14cm tall.

An attempt to make a sculpture of a "Blemmyah" (also known as blemmyae, blemmyes, akephaloi or simply "headless man"). One of my favourite - and most bizarre - creatures from medieval legends, they are men with no heads with their faces in their chests.

These creatures will appear briefly in a fantasy novel I'm currently writing.

AGAIN: sculptures are not my specialty, but I'm improving. :D Some parts of this guy were hard to make due to the "crackings" of the paper mache clay and its small size. 

Éder N. Santos, 2016.
Behemoth II by Qodaet
Behemoth II
Charcoal drawing.

A new, imaginary version of the biblical beast called Behemoth. This time I made a more feral version of it, different from the giant anthropomorphic elephant from the first version.

Éder N. Santos, 2016.
Jester from Hell by Qodaet
Jester from Hell
Portuguese: "Bobo do Inferno".
Conté crayon.

Random creation. i just came to the conclusion that most of my recent artworks have serious faces, so I decided to create a "happy" character.

Éder N. Santos, 2016.
Old Hooded Woman by Qodaet
Old Hooded Woman
Portuguese: "Velha de Capuz".
Charcoal drawing.

Imaginary portrait. She's maybe a hag or a witch.
Éder N. Santos, 2016.
Arimaspian Warrior by Qodaet
Arimaspian Warrior
Portuguese: "Guerreiro Arimaspo".
Sanguine drawing.

In ancient and medieval folklore, the Arimaspi or Arimaspian were a tribe of one-eyed people that lived in Scythia and constantly warred against nearby tribes. They were also known for often try to steal the gold kept by the griffins.

Éder N. Santos, 2016.
Lam by Qodaet
Dry pastel.

"Lam" is an entity that allegedly made contact with occultist Aleister Crowley around 1918 during a ritual he was performing. Not even Crowley's followers seem to know exactly what Lam is, since Crowley himself spoke little of him. Some argue he is an alien being, others think he is an extradimensional entity, a demon, the soul of an ancient Buddhist monk, or just a tool to help one to meditate.

Anyways, he looks a lot like a grey alien, even though he predates their first reports by almost 50 years.

This artwork was based in a actual drawing by Crowley himself, though I made my own version of it. I had to imagine the colors since the original drawing was monochromatic.

Crowley's drawing of Lam:…

Note: I'm a highly skeptical person (an agnostic, to be precise). Though I really like supernatural stories, aliens, ghosts, creatures and etc. I don't really take them seriously.

Éder N. Santos, 2016.

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